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Get your best mate out on the water in complete safety with the TraySafe Stainless harness.

Latch your mates into the boat at home, travel to the boat ramp with your mates in complete safety, launch your boat without dog chaos at the ramp and join them when your ready. 

It also comes in handy for containing water dogs (from entering the water at their discretion) and dogs that like the thrill of the hunt as you are trying to reel in fish and they want in on the action

Best of all, at the end of a long day they remain salty and sandy in the boat for the ramp recovery and for the blow dry home.

Components of the lead are all stainless steel or powder coated aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance and allows you to contain your enthusiastic hound/s to prevent an impromptu exit from the boat at any time. 
Using the same principles as our popular TraySafe vehicle harnesses, the harness prevents your best mate from leaning too far out, unbalancing and exiting the vehicle. Likewise the boat variant allows you to adjust the harness to determine how much lead you give your mate to keep them safe, but still allowing them to experience the salty sea dog life.

The floorboard mounting kit comes with two stainless attach points and can be set along the side of the boat (to reduce dog trip hazards) or across the floor board in order to keep your mate towards the middle of the boat, or mount them high on the bow for maximum dog life enjoyment.

The adjustable leads allow you to choose and mix and match your mounting points for your application and your boat layout. 

Best of all, your Stainless Traysafe can be removed from your boat and can be adjusted to be used in the back of the ute when you are not enjoying the boating life. 


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  • BoatSafe - TraySafe 316 Stainless Steel pet Harness and floorboard anchor points
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