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There is almost nothing more Australian than a dog on the back of a ute, likewise there is probably no more happier dog than one with the wind in its face out on the open road. But of course how do you transport your dog back from the beach without the danger of them jumping out of the tray? 

For some pet owners this can be a terrifying experience, having your four legged fur-baby tethered to the tray of the ute or truck, until now.


TraySafe Safety Harnesses are an Australian made product. Built here for our conditions, the TraySafe will keep your best mate safe while still enjoying the open road as only a dog on the back of a ute can.

The adjustable stainless buckle means that the TraySafe will fit most if not all makes and models of utes. It also suits tray hard points left/ right or centre. 

This 316 stainless steel version of our popular TraySafe ute harness caters perfectly for you beach goers that are not fond of the sand and wet dog smell in your ute. The 316 stainless steel version is strong, dependable and has superior corrosion protection.

The 480kg breaking strain webbing, means even the largest of our mates will be safe from taking an impromptu exit from the tray. The  316 Stainless steel attachment fittings and powder coated aluminum buckles means that you will not need to remove this from the tray, leaving it ready to go, whenever you are.

The adjustable lead can reassure even the most anxious pet owner that their furbaby is secure. Shorten it up (min 42cm) until they get used to the ride and then lengthen it (max 63cm) so they can stick their head out into the doggy slipstream of happiness.

Learn about the law and carriage of animals, you might be surprised. So don't risk a fine, damage to your car or worse, injury to your best mate.

An excellent, low cost alternative to a big cage, the TraySafe can be removed when not in use or just left there, good to go.

Invest in a Tray Safe Stainless Safety Harness today and keep your salty sandy dogs in the tray enjoying themselves instead of in the cab.

While probably not suitable for those dogs whom love to chew everything, chances are they will be too busy looking around enjoying themselves. 

This product is designed to keep your dog safe during travel and is not designed to chain your dog to the tray for extended periods unaccompanied.

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